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Promote Health Management

Policies and Concepts

Based on the thinking that initiatives for maintaining and improving employees’ health improve their motivation and productivity and therefore lead to greater corporate earnings, the importance of health management as part of a company’s management strategy is growing. Within this environment, NTT Group believes that raising each individual employee’s motivation and dynamism while enabling them to continue to work healthily and energetically is fundamental to the growth and development of the Group and in order to realize this, we are advancing health management to maintain and improve the health of our employees and their families so that they work with satisfaction and demonstrate their creativity.

Organization for Implementation

The Health Management Promotion Committee is chaired by the officer responsible for promoting health management in the Group. The Committee collaborates with officers responsible for promoting health management at Group companies and the NTT Health Insurance Union to actively contribute to health-focused activities and raise the health-consciousness of employees and their families. Going forward we will realize effective initiatives by implementing PDCA cycles (formulate health management plans + set health targets → formulate and implement health-focused measures → find out and confirm health results → verify the effectiveness of health-focused measures).

Major Reports

  • NTT Group Environmental Activities
  • NTT Annual Report 2019

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