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Ensuring sound management, decision making and business activities.

Corporate Governance

As the holding company of the NTT Group, NTT believes that raising the effectiveness of corporate governance is an important management issue for meeting the expectations of various stakeholders, including shareholders and other investors, as well as customers, business partners, and employees, and for maximizing corporate value.


Recognizing that it is imperative to conduct business in compliance with laws and regulations, and maintain high ethical standards, NTT drew up the NTT Group Corporate Ethics Charter.

Risk Management

Anticipating and preventing the occurrence of potential risks to minimize the impact of losses that could result from their materialization (Go to Corporate Governance under “To Investors”)

Tax Policy

In tax-related operations, we also strive to maintain and enhance tax compliance by setting up internal rules and providing education for employees.

Intellectual Property Management

Protecting the NTT Group's intellectual property and managing it with due respect for that of other companies in every aspect of business operations.

Major Reports

  • NTT Group Environmental Activities
  • NTT Annual Report 2017

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