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NTT Group CSR Conference

Every year since Fiscal 2014, an NTT Group CSR Conference has been held to share excellent CSR measures throughout the Group. The seventh such conference was held in February 2020. Approximately 260 employees participated, comprising CSR and environmental staff from each group company, and employees interested in CSR, resulting in a successful event.

The 7th NTT Group CSR Conference

Introduce activities of the 7th NTT Group CSR Conference on video.

Vice President Shimada Greeted Everyone Saying, “Let’s Become a Group That Leads the Way, Starting with What We Can Do About Social Issues”

The conference began with Akira Shimada, Senior Executive Vice President and Representative Member of the Board, giving opening remarks, in which he reflected on how NTT Group initially became conscious of CSR and, after explaining that the group’s vision and mission were defined in the previous year, he rallied employees, saying, “However, we must evolve further.”

Touching on the 17 goals of the SDGs, he closed the address saying, “To date we have been considering solutions based on the skills and technology we have, but now we have to break away from this and become a bold group that thinks about what we can do to solve social issues, and if such a solution does not yet exist, we must create it.”

Senior Executive Vice President Shimada delivering the opening remarks
Senior Executive Vice President Shimada delivering the opening remarks

Announcement of Superior CSR Measures: Six Measures in the CSV Section and Four Measures in the Social Contribution Section

After that, superior CSR measures were announced which had been selected from submissions by group companies, both foreign and domestic, with six measures being selected in the CSV section and four measures being selected in the social contribution section. The people responsible for each measure were brought to the stage. It was a conference with plenty of global flavor as there was participation in each section from foreign group companies, in addition to domestic group companies.

Representatives from NTT East and NTT FIELDTECHNO., which won the Grand Prize in the CSV sectionRepresentatives from NTT East and NTT FIELDTECHNO., which won the Grand Prize in the CSV section

Representatives from NTT Ltd., which won the Grand Prize in the social contribution sectionRepresentatives from NTT Ltd., which won the Grand Prize in the social contribution section

Lecture by an Expert: Companies Should Take the Lead in Thinking about the Future of the World

This time we had Yoko Ishikura, Professor Emeritus at Hitotsubashi University, lecture about what the role of leaders will be as the world faces new issues. Professor Ishikura discussed topics such as what is needed to become a leader, and how companies should become leaders who consider the future of the world, saying, “Currently the world is being faced with a range of social issues but politicians are no longer thinking globally.”

At an exhibition area separate from the main conference hall, there were booths introducing and selling fair trade-related products connected to NPOs, booths introducing NTT Group special-purpose subsidiaries, areas where it was possible to experience Paralympic sports, etc.

Football 5-a-side experience
Football 5-a-side experience

Boccia experience
Boccia experience

Wheelchair experience
Wheelchair experience

Exhibition area
Exhibition area

Superior CSR Measures: CSV Section

Grand Prize
Agricultural Innovation Lab @Yamanashi City: Community development that starts with vitalizing the region’s key industry
NTT East
Expansion of the Food Waste Recycling Solution to Promote More Widespread Food Waste Recycling NTT FIELDTECHNO
(NTT West Group)
Excellence Award
Contribution toward Carbon Offsets & Social Safety Net by Subsea Cable Recycling NTT Communications
Market innovations through our payment platform “Payoo” NTT DATA Group
origAMI-Smart Water Management NTT DATA Italia
Using Jspeak to Provide Better Multilingual Assistance in Japan NTT DOCOMO

Superior CSR Measures: Social Contribution Section

Grand Prize
Empowering 840 Girl Children through Right to Learn Mission NTT Ltd., India
Merit Prize
Our Presence at Sendai Student City NTT East
Coding at schools NTT DATA Italia
Regional Contribution through Parasport Experiences and Barrier Free Classes NTT Claruty

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