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CSR Management System

In fiscal 2016, NTT established the CSR Committee, chaired by the representative director and senior executive vice president, to ensure the sustained and appropriate implementation of CSR management, including economic, environmental and social themes. The committee meets at least once a year to discuss and formulate the Group’s basic CSR strategy, initiatives and measures, as well as to determine the content of information disclosures. In addition, two internal committees have been established to cover individual themes: the Global Environmental Protection Promotion Committee and Social Contribution Promotion Committee.

Also, since fiscal 2016, we have sought to advance our Group CSR management by holding meetings of the Group CSR Committee, chaired by the chairperson of NTT’s CSR Committee (representative director and senior executive vice president) and comprising chief CSR officers (senior executive vice presidents and the executive vice president) of major NTT Group companies in Japan. In addition, CSR promotion officers at each company hold Group CSR Liaison Meetings on a regular basis to share common challenges and successful examples from each Group company and to monitor progress on the implementation of our CSR Priority Activities with respect to PDCA cycles and further promote a sense of unity across the Group.

NTT Group CSR Organization

NTT Group CSR Organization

Raising Group-wide CSR Awareness through Conferences

We have been convening the NTT Group CSR Conference since fiscal 2014 to share superior CSR initiatives across the Group.

Scene at the conference
Scene at the conference

7th NTT Group CSR Conference

6th NTT Group CSR Conference

5th NTT Group CSR Conference

Major Reports

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