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Various Activities Explained on Our Website
Sustainability Action

NTT Group harnesses its broad business portfolio as well as its technologies and know-how to engage in various activities aimed at the sustainable development of society.
We are also helping to resolve social issues through our core business. This includes announcing our support for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted in autumn 2015.

everis is working with the Chilean government and universities to establish digital hubs for open-innovation which will contribute to increased productivity and economic development in Chile. As part of this, it is actively recruiting graduates from local universities and advancing research and development in the fields of healthcare, education, logistics, and trade.

We are donating bicycles to people in South Africa through the professional cycling team Qhubeka, which is the sponsor of the activity, and thereby providing them with a way to get to school, medical facilities, and work. We are also asking individuals receiving the bicycles to make a commitment, such as getting better grades, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the donation.

Technical support even by remote workers is possible because we make sure they have appropriate support skills, and we have a high level of security along with quality control. We provide employment opportunities for the elderly, persons with disabilities, and part-time workers such as those caring for children.

Sonaerun CSR+: Secure Emergency Ration Support is an initiative that donates emergency rations when replacements are purchased, while making the management of corporations' emergency rations efficient. With this, we support corporations' initiatives to solve various social issues such as food waste.

Childcare workers at daycare centers in Japan face a growing workload. To resolve this social issue, we have developed an attendance monitoring system using ICT that allows childcare workers to focus on childcare by reducing the time needed for record keeping and reporting with regards to children's attendance at childcare centers. This system has been credited with greatly streamlining work at childcare centers.

Noh theater is one of Japan's oldest traditional performing arts, but today it has seen a decline in attendance and its fan base. We developed a Noh theater viewing solution that provides commentary during a performance in multiple languages on a tablet device so that anyone can enjoy a Noh theater experience. We recently began providing this solution commercially.

We developed a 3D map, AW3D that displays terrain around the world in five-meter resolution, which is the most accurate in the world, by utilizing data from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's advanced land observing satellite Daichi. This map is being used in a growing number of fields, including infrastructure development and disaster prevention.

The everis foundation in Spain was established based on the belief that talent transforms society. Everis engages in a wide range of activities as an engine for unearthing and supporting talent around the world where the foundation operates.

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