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Photonics-Electronics Convergence Laboratory

In pursuit of the ultimate network performance (high capacity/high throughput, low power consumption, flexibility, and adaptability) and continual network innovation, we are engaged in research and development of advanced hardware (devices, circuits, implementations, and system architectures) that combines electronics and photonics technologies.


The day is approaching where everyone will be relying on big data globally. We strive to create the necessary breakthrough technologies to enable that. For the near future and far beyond, we push forward the research efforts to realize the photonics-electronics convergent technologies that can dramatically improve the networks various aspects such as power consumption, capacity, flexibility, latency, etc.

Optoelectronic Subsystem Research Group

We are working to realize a novel integrated structure and configuration for the next generation of optical interconnections by searching for seeds to grow integration technology. In addition to proposing a new integration technology for advanced devices that provide higher capacity in communications, we are also investigating various subsystems, including ultra-small transceiver applications.

Optoelectronics Integration Research Group

Our research and development is aimed at the realization of future advanced optical signal processing technology through the fusion of optical filters, ultrafast optical switches made of compound semiconductors, high-speed optical modulators, and spatial optical systems, We also investigate applications of this technology to optical transmission and sensing, and planar lightwave circuit and integrated packaging technology based on silica glass optical waveguides.

High-Speed Analog Circuit Research Group

With the high-speed analog circuit design technology as its core competence, we carry out research and development on (1) the honing of basic analog IC technology, (2) optoelectronic fusion analog technology, and (3) terahertz wave analog technology with the aim of creating innovative opto-electronic signal processing technology that will revolutionize communications and information processing.

Device Architecture Research Group

Based on our core competence in digital circuit design technology, we are engaged in research and development to create novel architectures and devices (subsystem) by combining digital functions with software and analog devices.

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