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Research and Development


Creating a fruitful future through ICT

R&D Facts 2018

R&D implement wide-ranging and multi-faceted research based on the ideal of creating world-leading technologies and contributing to the progress of society, economy and academic discipline. This takes in basic research through to research to realize practical implementation aimed at business expansion. This is facilitating the creation of new value through open innovation and collaboration with corporations, universities and research institutions with an emphasis on the realization of highly competitive advanced technologies.

NTT R&D numbers at a Glance
NTT R&D numbers at a Glance
NTT R&D numbers at a Glance

*) Note that $1B/year was invested by the R&D Labs. of NTT holdings and the remainder by the operating companies.

  • Overview of NTT R&D
    Overview of NTT R&D

    We will introduce an overall perspective on NTT R&D, who enjoy a stellar reputation on the international stage, including details such as the number of patents acquired, the numbers of researchers and the annual output of research papers.


  • Our Mission
    Our Mission

    We will introduce our research ideals, vision and roles, which can be thought of as constituting the foundation of R&D activities.


  • Technologies and Contribution
    Technologies and Contribution

    A guide to case studies of NTT R&D, who enjoy a stellar reputation on the international stage. We will introduce research outcomes which have greatly contributed to academia bringing together the status with regards to presentations at international conferences and leading academic journals, and favorable assessments of actviities such as overseas awards and commendations at international competitions.


  • People of NTT R&D
    People of NTT R&D

    We will introduce NTT R&D's top-level researchers, who are spearheading revolutionary research in essential fields.


  • Projects and Partners
    Projects and Partners

    We present standalone projects with a view to deployment overseas and initiatives for cutting-edge technologies through partnerships with global corporations and academic bodies.



We introduce commentaries on our new technologies and services which R&D have been involved in developing in English. Please take the time to explore our multi-faceted and broad-scope research outcomes.


NTT Technical Review: a monthly academic journal. Here you will find regular updates of information on academic undertakings of a highly-specialized nature which introduce NTT R&D's activities carried out over expansive domains of research and development.


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