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About Us

About Us

Information Network Laboratory Group is committed to development and deployment of a flexible public information network infrastructure capable of advanced connectivity of things—devices, systems, and services. This involves R&D of wide ranging network technologies that are flexible, smart, and sustainable, and that continues to make NTT the operating company of choice for our partners.

The R&D is tailored to the various needs of our clients and partners by developing timely solutions in the form of network services that provide better protection against disasters and robust reliability for dealing with environmental change. For example, we are now moving to deploy a state-of-the-art network architecture that features fixed-mobile convergence, effective application services, and eco-friendly ultra-low-power design.

The research results from the Information Network Laboratory Group can of course be found in companies throughout the NTT Group. In fact, are well represented in ICT services and social infrastructures the whole world over.

Network Technology Laboratories

Research and development of network architecture, communication traffic & service quality, and convergence network & services.

Network Service Systems Laboratories

Research and development of network services and the next-generation information network technologies.

Access Network Service Systems Laboratories

Research and development of the next-generation information network technologies and access system & network for creating new access services.

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