Analyst Coverage

Last updated : April 11, 2018

Citigroup Global Markets Japan Inc. Mitsunobu Tsuruo
CLSA Securities Japan Co., Ltd. Oliver Matthew
Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd. Yoshio Ando
Deutsche Bank AG Peter Milliken
Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd. Ikuo Matsuhashi
Haitong International Co., Ltd Yushi Kawamoto
HSBC Limited Neale Anderson
JPMorgan Securities Japan Co., Ltd. Jun Tanabe
Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Co., Ltd. Yoshiyuki Kinoshita
Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd. Hideaki Tanaka
Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. Yusuke Hori
Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities, Co., Ltd Tetsuro Tsusaka
Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. Daisaku Masuno
SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. Satoru Kikuchi
UBS Securities Japan Co., Ltd. Kei Takahashi

The above list is provided only for the purposes of informing investors of the names of analysts and related brokerage firms which provide analyses and forecasts of the company's business performance. This list may not be complete and is subject to change as firms add or delete coverage of NTT. This list is not intended to induce or recommend the purchase or sale of the company's shares. The company does not endorse or support the opinions, forecasts or predictions of the analysts listed here, nor does the company guarantee the accuracy. Furthermore, it is possible that not all of the information provided by these analysts is current and there may be inconsistencies.
Analysts are independent of NTT. Analysts exercise their own judgment in their analysis of the company's finances, performance results, business activities and technologies, the operating environment and economic trends, and independently forecast the company's results. Neither the company nor its management is involved in these processes in any way.
NTT does not distribute copies of analysts' reports and any reliance by investors on these reports are at their own risk.

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