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The Information Society consists of people communicating with each other. The NTT Group is committed to creating a future society in which the telecommunications industry supports an even more abundant flow of information.
A major theme of our company's efforts is to provide telecommunications services which bring people closer to each other, their communities, and their culture through networks, systems, and technologies.
We remain equally steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that the development of the telecommunications business contributes to the protection of our global environment.
We call this dimension of our work "Telecommunications in Symbiosis with the Earth."
This effort is guided by NTT's Global Environmental Charter, which clearly expresses the Group's fundamental, unified doctrine and policies.
The charter creates the context within which all employees of the NTT Group work together to tackle the vital environmental protection measures.
This report summarizes the measures which constitute NTT Group's Telecommunications in Symbiosis with the Earth.

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