October 24, 2000

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

NTT, Honda R&D to Collaborate in
Vehicle-Network Technology Research

TOKYO, October 24, 2000 -- Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) and Honda R&D Co., Ltd., announced today a joint research project to develop a next-generation vehicle-network telecommunication system.

The research, which will begin in November, aims to create a system that can provide more convenient traffic and other information which matches driver or passenger needs while minimizing driver distraction. To achieve this, the project will be based on Honda R&D's in-vehicle information technologies and NTT's communication network technologies.

The objective is to develop technology that customizes information for drivers or passengers according to the time of day, location and driving situation. The system would provide information appropriate to the situation. The research also will include improving the user-friendliness of such communication tools as voice-recognition systems.

The proposed system would be designed as fundamental technology to be integrated into future Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)*.

The companies plan to develop a prototype system for testing by the end of 2001

* ITS is an advanced transportation concept which uses information and telecommunications technology to integrate traffic systems. It is designed to improve the safety, efficiency and convenience of vehicle transportation, as well as reducing environmental impact by achieving smoother traffic flow control.

For further information, please contact:

Shizuo Sano
Toshio Kurashima
Public relations in the Planning Department
NTT Infomation Sharing Laboratory Group
Telephone: 0422-59-3650
Facsimile: 0422-37-7461
E-mail: koho@mail.rdc.ntt.co.jp

Yuzuru Matsuno
Public Relations Division
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Telephone: 03-5412-1512
Facsimile: 03-5412-1545

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