April 10, 2001

Communications Research Laboratory
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
Internet Multifeed Co.

CRL, NTT, IIJ and MFEED Started Trial Provision of
Japan Standard Time over the Internet

Communications Research Laboratory ("CRL"), Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NYSE: NTT) ("NTT"), Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (Nasdaq: IIJI) ("IIJ") and Internet Multifeed Co. ("MFEED") announced that they have started, beginning today, trial provision of Japan Standard Time ("JST") over the Internet. This project is part of a joint research of the above four companies to take time information directly from the atomic clock, the time source for JST, and to make the information publicly available through the Internet. The trial period will last a year and run through the end of March, 2002.

The public servers utilize a protocol called NTP (Network Time Protocol). In order to ensure the stability and precision of the time information, this project aims to minimize the time lag between the time source and the computer network time. Two different time information providing systems are used for the purpose. One system, which jointly developed by CRL and IIJ, utilizes one pulse-per-second signals, and the other, which is developed by NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories, utilizes frequency provided by an ISDN line. Information on the time log is also publicly disclosed through a web page (http://www.jst.mfeed.ad.jp/). The time log disclosing system is developed by MFEED.

Additionally, the time information transmitted over the Internet is expected to have digital authorization to authenticate the information for various applications, such as e-commerce and e-government transactions. Through this trial provision, the four companies will evaluate the operation, monitoring and management methods and technologies for time transmission systems over the Internet.

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