<Guidelines for Invitation of Content Providers (Internet Broadcasting Companies)>

Period for Application
(December 26, 2001 - January 31, 2002 provisional)

Only corporations can apply.

Contact Address
To apply for this invitation, send e-mail with your contact address and your public URL address to the following address:
     To: Okuyama or Ikeya
In charge of broadband, IT Business Planning Department
Tokyo News Service, Ltd.
* We reserve the right not to accept your application depending on the content.

<Guidelines for Invitation of Viewer Monitors>

Contact Address
Applications are accepted through "Internet TV Guide" homepage operated by Tokyo News Service.

Conditions to Apply for the Monitor
- Connected to ISP through a broadband access including B Flet's and Flet's ADSL.
- Windows PC with PentiumIII 500MHz and 256M bytes or more memories (PentiumIII 700MHz and 512M bytes or more memories is recommended).
- Using Internet Explorer Ver.5.5 or later (Java-compliant)