1. Number of Subscribers
1. Number of Subscribers
Notes : 1 No. of Telephone Subscriber Lines is the total of individual lines and central station lines (Subscriber Telephone Light Plan is included).
  2 In terms of No. of channels, transmission rate, and line use rate (base rate), INS-Net 1500 is in all cases roughly ten times greater than INS-Net 64. For this reason, one INS-Net 1500 subscription is calculated as ten INS-Net 64 subscriptions.
  3 NTT Group Major ISPs include WAKWAK, InfoSphere, and Dreamnet besides OCN and Plala.
  4 No. of DoPa single service subscribers, which had not been included in previous reports, has been included in the No. of mova subscribers from the results as of Sept. 30, 2004 in order to standardize the definition of subscribers used by all the mobile operators in Japan. Relevant items as of Mar. 31, 2004, Jun. 30, 2004 and Mar. 31, 2005 (Forecast at the time 1H results were announced) have been modified by adding DoPa single service subscribers to the previously announced Numbers. DoPa single service subscribers are 401 thousand as of Mar. 31, 2004, 426 thousand as of Jun. 30, 2004, 476 thousand as of Sept. 30, 2004, 516 thousand as of Dec. 31, 2004, and 530 thousand as of Mar. 31, 2005 (Forecast at the time 1H results were announced).
  * Partial listing only.


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