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December March 25, 1996

NTT Invests in Wink Communications, Inc in the U.S.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) has invested US$2.4 million to purchase 5.4 percent of Wink Communications, Inc, a California-based U.S. corporation that developed the core software for Intertext, a new interactive TV system. Television manufacturers, broadcasting stations, NTT and others are currently cooperating to commercialize the system.

The Intertext interactive TV system will allow general users to easily enjoy multimedia communications in their homes. The user-friendly system is readily usable with existing technology such as conventional televisions and communications networks. As a communications carrier, NTT is helping to commercialize this exciting new product, which is expected to accelerate the development of the interactive multimedia market.

Several of Wink's software packages for Intertext involve television receivers and servers, so they are closely related to the utilization and control of communications networks. NTT will cooperate with Wink to develop software products that enhance the use of communications networks and have the potential to become de facto standards for this field. NTT will contribute its expertise toward making Intertext more economical and reliable, as well as developing the interactive multimedia market. NTT and Wink will also cooperate in the field of wireless interactive multimedia communications, which is expected to see a large demand in the future.

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Profile of Wink Communications, Inc

Corporate Data
Company:Wink Communications, Inc
Date of Establishment:October 12, 1994
C E O:Brian Dougherty
Number of employees:29 (December 1995)
Headquarters:Alameda, California, USA

Business Activities

Wink is engaged in the development and licensing of control software for interactive television, portable equipment, etc.

Wink's software technology has been adopted for Intertext and by General Instrument Corp. and Scientific-Atlanta Inc., the first- and second-ranking set-top box makers for cable television in the United States. Since starting out as a venture-capital company, Wink is heading toward a primary position in its field.

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Outline of Intertext Study Group

Purpose: (1) Study of realization technology, service specifications, and program organization
(2) Promotion of Intertext

Joint corporations: 45 ( March 25, 1996)
Major members:
Electric makers:All TV manufacturers, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics
Broadcasting corporations:NHK, major broadcasting corporations in the Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka areas, DMC
Communications carrier:NTT
Advertisement agencies and others:Dentsu, Mitsui & Co., Sakura Bank, etc.

History: November 28, 1995 Announcement in newspapers
February 1, 1996 Establishment of Intertext Study Group