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March 29, 1996

Overseas information category newly added in the NTT Directory

In the neighborhood of 6,000 articles are currently registered in "What's New in Japan" in the NTT Directory on the internet. easy access to such information is made possible by "infoBee," a search engine developed by NTT Multimedia Systems Laboratory Group, and subject oriented classification. With the explosive spread of the internet, the number of access hits from overseas as well as Japan along with the number of requests for registration to the master indexes have been continuously increasing. NTT Directory is highly regarded as a main window to the WWW site information in Japan, receiving almost 160,000 hits par day.

In an effort to better meet the needs of users, NTT has newly registered about 1,000 overseas sites for a new category "Overseas Sites". in addition to former information on Japanese WWW sites, not only sites located in the United States, but also those of typical in neighboring Asian countries are covered by the NTT directory. Therefor it has now become a characteristic home page that can search overseas site by Japanese. These new sites are available for internet users from April 1st, 1996 by the NTT Directory's search methods --by category search or keyword search by "infoBee".

The usage methods are as follows:

1. Search methods

(1) Search by category
The new "Overseas Sites", classified into sub-categories to ensure hierarchical access method, is set out in addition to the former 15 categories.
(2)Keyword search for the new "Overseas Sites"
A search by the Japanese is partially applicable for registered companies names and their services. easy access to each site will be possible by input of any English or Japanese word from the middle of April.

2. For the access

in addition to access from the NTT Home Page, direct access via the following URL addresses is also available.

3. Other

Mailed articles by web masters from overseas to introduce their sites will be translated into Japanese for more convenient utilization.