For Immediate Release
June 7, 1996

NTT Begins Implementing Switching System
for New Operator Service System

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) will begin implementing the switching system for a new operating service system that was developed between NTT and Lucent Technologies, formerly AT&T's systems and technology businesses (headquarters: New Jersey, U.S.A.; Chairman and CEO: Henry B. Schacht), throughout Japan from June 28, 1996.

1. System Overview

The system provides "connection services" through operators, including collect calls (106 calls) and "directory assistance services (104 calls)" which search for a phone number in response to a customer inquiry. The two services were developed primarily with Lucent Technologies' 5ESS switches.

2. History of the New System Introduction

In 1992, NTT decided to introduce a new operator service system. In 1993, through international bidding (Track III), NTT selected Lucent Technologies, which was AT&T at the time, as a partner for the system development. After three years of development, NTT began implementing the new system in the Shikoku area in March 1996, which was followed by a nationwide introduction starting May 1996.

3. Goal and Effect of the New System Introduction

This system is aimed at enhancing operator services provided by NTT, including directory assistance calls and collect calls, and also improving operational efficiency.

With an operational capacity upgrade for switches, this system widens random blocks that have previously been the size of the prefecture, (approximately 50 blocks) to larger regional (branch) blocks (11 blocks) to facilitate connection with an operator and to reduce the call waiting time of a customer.

Also, introduction of the new service and improvement of the conventional service can be assured for operator services in accordance with the digitalization of the overall network.

4. Future Plan

NTT will review various new services in the future, including "automatic collect call services (tentative name)" using the abundant software functions of the 5ESS switches.

5. Others

When implementing this system in parts of the west section of Tokyo, where NTT Tokyo Branch has authority, NTT will hold a ceremony to celebrate the transition to the new operator service system. The schedule is as follows:

(1)Date:June 11 (Tuesday), 1996
2:00 to 3:00 p.m.
(2) Location: Room Ho-ou, Tokyo Prince Hotel
(3-3-1, Shiba-koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo;
Phone: 03-3432-1111)
(3) Attendants (planned):Walter F. Mondale,
the U.S. Ambassador to Japan
William T. O'Shea,
President for International Regions and Professional Services,
Lucent Technologies
Jay W. Carter,
President for Network Systems Asia/ Pacific Region,
Lucent Technologies
James K. Brewington,
President for Product Realization, Lucent Technologies
Haruo Yamaguchi,
Chairman, NTT
Junichiro Miyazu,
Senior Executive Vice President, NTT
Shigeru Ikeda,
Senior Vice President, NTT
(4) Content: - Operator service system transition ceremony
(repeating with NTT Toranomon Operation Center)
- Slide show (process to development of 5ESS-2000), etc.