For Information Release
September 13, 1996

NTT to Establish Multimedia Communications Laboratories in the U.S.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) announced that it will establish Multimedia Communications Laboratories in NTT America Inc., which is a regional corporation in the U.S., at the end of this month.

The Laboratories will be used for information communications, responding to the development and globalization of multimedia.

NTT decided to establish the Laboratories to organize an operational base for developing technologies on multimedia-related services and conducting market trial in the U.S. market.

NTT plans to utilize the Laboratories' activities for business deployment in NTT and NTT Group companies.



Purpose for Establishment

(1) Technological development by responding to market trends with:
Direct reception of newly trends in the growing multimedia-related market.
Various market trials in the high-potential market, which allows for broad multi-business deployment.
(2) Standardization activities for NTT's technologies and products.
(3) Technological development by combining NTT's technology with advanced technologies in the U.S.


Outline of Laboratories

(1) Name: Multimedia Communications Laboratories
(Division of NTT America Inc.)
(2) Place: California, U.S.
(3) Date of establishment: At the end of September 1996
(4) Number of staff: About 20 at start; most staff will be sent by NTT.
(5) Others: The Laboratories will set up board composed of several advisors who suggest research activity directions.
The Chairman will be Dr.
Harry Saal, current governor of Smart Valley Corporation.


Main Activities

The Laboratories will do research and develop new technologies in the following fields with the purpose of making a breakthrough to expand the multimedia-related market:
(1) Internet platform technologies
To develop a multilingual (including English and Japanese) navigation system, management technology on information in Japan and the U.S., and media-processing and security subjects such as electronic publications and electronic commerce.
(2) Telecommunications support technology
To support telecommunications for smooth cooperation and education among companies and schools in Japan and the U.S.
The Laboratories will utilize the above technologies in market trial in advanced markets, then brush up the products' capabilities. This will allow the Laboratories to play a role in information exchange activities for the interactivity of business and education, which will help to promote the multimedia services by NTT and NTT Group companies.


Future Plans

The new Laboratories will develop other technologies such as audio-visual products and technology that will facilitate cyber-payment.
The Laboratories will make efforts to realize local-oriented management by increasing local staff in the U.S., while also promoting the international development of multimedia-related technology.