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February 10, 2012

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Flower Contents Production Committee

Now offering English version of “Flower Shot” flower photo sharing app
Online computer version released at same time to meet the needs of overseas users

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (main office located in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo Prefecture, CEO: Satoshi Miura; hereinafter referred to as “NTT”) and the Flower Contents Production Committee *1 began offering an English version of “Flower Shot” *2 flower camera app for Android handsets equipped with photo editing and sharing functions for flowers on February 10, 2012. An online version of “Flower Shot” for computers equipped with a function that allows you to select language (Japanese or English) was also established the same day.


NTT began offering the “Flower Shot” camera app for Android handsets on September 15, 2011. Since photos from overseas has already been posted in Japan, the company has now begun offering an English version of “Flower Shot” to make it easier for people from overseas to use.
In response to users who “wanted to post on Flower Shot from their computers”, the company established an online version of Flower Shot (Japanese/English).
These initiatives have further broadened the fun of posting photos by enabling you to share and browse photos of flowers posted not only in Japan, but from all over the world.

2.English version of “Flower Shot”

NTT now offers an English version of “Flower Shot” (smart phone app / online computer version) for overseas users. Language of “Flower Shot” is automatically selected according to the interface language. The online version for computers is also equipped with a function that allows language to be selected by each user (Japanese or English).

Smart Phone App VersionSmart Phone App Version

Online Computer VersionOnline Computer Version

3.Features of “Flower Shot” online computer version

The smart phone app version of “Flower Shot” has up to now enabled users to post photographs taken with smart phones. The online computer version now enables users to upload photos taken with a digital camera that are stored on their computer. The online computer version also offers all functions of the smart phone app version, with the exception of taking photographs. The features of the function are as follows:

(1)“Flower Map” function

Page that locates photos of flowers posted by users on a map so you can tell at a glance when and where the photos were taken. Clicking the points on the map also lets you know flower blooming information for the location in real time.

(2)“Tell me flower name” function

If you know the name of any flowers in the list of flowers for which the name is not known, you can let other users know the name by clicking the “Tell me flower name” button.

(3)Login by NTT ID or Twitter ID

You can log into Flower Shot with the ID you are already using for NTT ID login service (hereinafter referred to as “ID”) or an external ID service (Twitter ID).

*OCN ID : ID for using OCN mail, blogs, storage service, etc.
*docomo ID : ID for using NTT Docomo smart phones or services for computers, etc.
*goo ID : ID for using goo mail, blogs, SNS or Oshiete! goo, etc.

(4)“Post” function

You can browse flower photos posted by Flower Shot users by three categories: New, Popular *1 or Favorites *2.

*1) Popular : Photograph ranking for photos that got the most “Nice” votes in the past two weeks.
*2) Favorites : For keeping track of your own photos or other users’ photographs you want to keep track of.

(5)“My Page” function

Page that enables you to communicate with other users. Function that automatically notifies you of activities such as when you have received a comment, someone clicks the “Nice” button for a photo you have posted, or someone tells you the name of the flower. Users can check activity contents in real time. You can also browse a list of photographs that you have posted.

4.Future schedule

The company hopes to create a “nationwide flower map” by archiving data such as “when, where and what flowers are blooming” by getting a lot of people who love flowers to use “Flower Shot.” NTT wants to contribute to creation of new online contents services by verifying the usage trends of overseas users with the English language version of “Flower Shot.”

*“Flower Shot” smart phone app

Usage fee : Free of charge
Applicable OS : Android 2.2 or later
Recommended handsets : GALAXY S (SC-02B), GALAXY S Ⅱ (SC-02C), REGZA Phone (T-01C), AQUOS PHONE (SH-13C), Xperia acro (SO-02C), MEDIAS WP (N-06C), GalaxyS Ⅱ LTE (SC-03D), MEDIUS PP(N-01D), AQUOS PHONE(SH-01D), ARROWS Kiss (F-03D)
Download method : Access the Flower Shot introduction page ( ), search “Android market” for “Flower Shot,” and download.
Interface languages : Japanese/English

*“Flower Shot” online computer version

URL : 
Recommended OS :
Windows : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Macintosh : Mac OS X v10.1 or later
Browser : Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, Firefox 3.6 or later, Safari 1.2 or later
Interface languages : Japanese/English
(*1)Flower Contents Production Committee
Voluntary partnership in accordance with the Civil Code for planning and administering contents pertaining to flowers established in November 2010 by NTT Investment Partners, Inc. (main office located in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo Prefecture, CEO: Hiroki Watanabe) and NTT Learning Systems Corporation (main office located in Minato Ward, Tokyo Prefecture, CEO: Tetsuo Koga). The Flower Contents Production Committee has provided “The People’s Flower Library,” the nation’s largest flower library site containing over 3000 types of flowers since April 13, 2011.
(*2)“Flower Shot” 
Flower Shot is a camera app for Android smart phone handsets equipped with a photo editing and sharing function that has been growing in popularity. Collaborating with the Flower Contents Production Committee, NTT began providing the beta version of “Flower Shot” on September 15 to promote creation of digital contents pertaining to flowers.
Attached document 1: Flower Shot online computer version -- Flower Map 
Attached document 2: Flower Shot online computer version -- Tell me flower name 

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Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

C/O New Business Promotion Dept., Alliance Strategy

Flower Contents Production Committee


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