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November 6, 2015


Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (“NTT”) hereby announces that, at a meeting of its Board of Directors held today, NTT resolved to cancel a portion of its treasury stock pursuant to the provisions of Article 178 of the Companies Act of Japan, as stated below.

1. Class of shares to be cancelled : Common stock
2. Number of shares to be cancelled : 177,000,000 shares
  • *7.79% of the total issued shares before cancellation
3. Date of cancellation : November 13, 2015


  • Total number of issued shares before the cancellation: 2,273,394,470 shares
  • Number of shares of treasury stock before the cancellation (as of October 31, 2015): 177,234,005 shares

For further inquiries, please contact:

Takumi Matsumoto or Yuta Kosuge

Investor Relations Office
Finance and Accounting Department
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
TEL: +81-3-6838-5481

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