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Dimension Data and NTT sign MOU with Deakin University and WSU to accelerate innovation
Partnership will bring cutting-edge technology to expand Australia’s innovation ecosystem to improve health and lives of an ageing population

SYDNEY, Australia, March 26, 2019 Dimension Data and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Deakin University and Western Sydney University (WSU) to collaborate on research projects with a focus on solving social challenges that are common between Australia and Japan. This joint-vision partnership is the first time NTT has entered into an agreement of this nature with research institutions outside of Japan.

Under this agreement, all parties will start working together to develop and implement innovative solutions with the joint vision of improving the lives, health and wellbeing of citizens.

The MOU was officially signed at a ceremony at Dimension Data’s Australian headquarters in Darling Park, Sydney and attended by representatives from all parties including; Katsuhiko Kawazoe, Senior Vice President, Head of Research and Development Planning at NTT; Steve Nola, CEO for Dimension Data Australia; Julie Owens, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research at Deakin University; and Deborah Sweeney, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President, Research and Innovation at WSU.

The emphasis on healthcare, disability and ageing is influenced by the ageing populations in both countries and the challenges this poses for society as a whole. Japanese societal transformation plan, ‘Society 5.0’, has inspired the MOU and explores how the development and access to disruptive technologies, such as connected healthcare can transform and improve society. This partnership provides a framework for Australia and Japan to drive the creation and commercialization of technologies and solutions to address real-world issues such as the needs of the disabled and those of an ageing population.

In order to realize this vision, several joint research projects will be established and will commence in the next 12 months. These projects include research and development into communication between dementia patients, their family and other caregivers; as well as research and development on smart homes to ensure a safe and secure life for the elderly and the disabled.

Katsuhiko Kawazoe, Senior Vice President, Head of Research and Development Planning, NTT said, “This MOU is testament to the strong bonds forged between Australia and Japan, and demonstrates our commitment to the transference of knowledge between our two markets. It represents another chapter in our ongoing partnership with Dimension Data, Deakin University, and WSU to create solutions and applications that will help our societies grow and prosper.”

Steve Nola, CEO, Dimension Data Australia added, “The missing piece of Australia’s innovation puzzle is often identified as the strategic collaboration between universities and the business community. This MOU is a significant step towards preserving Australia’s economic future. The collaboration between business and academia drives knowledge exchange and innovation, and that innovation is what underpins economic and societal growth. This co-innovation partnership deepens our relationship with two of Australia’s leading universities and enable us to commercialize cutting-edge solutions which will help Australian businesses solve fundamental problems and create new value for years to come.”

Professor Julie Owens, Deputy Vice Chancellor Research, Deakin University said, “Deakin has been working closely with Dimension Data for several years, and we are excited to now extend that partnership to NTT. Our stronger engagement with one of the world’s most significant technology companies, gives confidence that we can open up new technologies to change how aged care is delivered in Australia and Japan and have a genuine impact on the communities we serve.”

Professor Deborah Sweeney, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice President, Research and Innovation, Western Sydney University said, “Western is committed that its research will have real impact and deliver tangible health outcomes for the benefit of the community. The applied, translational, end-user focus of our researchers perfectly complements the world leading tech capabilities of our partners. This collaborative model exemplifies Western’s commitment to partnerships, we’re extremely excited at the prospect of what our joint initiative will achieve.

Last year, delegates from Deakin University and WSU participated in the NTT R&D Forum in Tokyo. The R&D Forum serves as the annual proving ground for NTT’s breakthrough technologies and is an opportunity to introduce next-generation innovations to NTT’s customers, partners and employees.

Here, delegates were first exposed to innovations such as NTT’s wearable vital-sensing fabric, hitoe® which has been integrated with Deakin University’s virtual reality firefighting simulator, the FLAIM Trainer®. Delegates also encountered San-Shi®, the secure computation system which underpins the data value management ecosystem, Mass Data Observations, which has been co-developed by Dimension Data and WSU. Both technologies were showcased at the launch of Dimension Data’s first Client Innovation Centre (CIC) in August 2018.

The innovations currently on show at the CIC are the first set of technologies, applications and solutions which have been generated through Dimension Data and NTT’s industry collaborations with organizations, such as Deakin University and WSU.

Under the terms of the agreement, research projects will be tested through a proof-of-concept model in Australia. Viable projects will draw upon Dimension Data’s commercial experience and leverage this co-innovation partnership to take these ideas to a global market.

Roles of the organizations

NTT brings a rich heritage of Research and Development and innovation with significant R&D capability, a portfolio of assets, their B2B2X framework and Society 5.0 ethos. Dimension Data’s role is to provide technical integration capability, relationship coordination and collaboration, co-innovation and commercialization expertise. Both universities bring applied research expertise, specific domain expertise and commercialization expertise. Together, Dimension Data and the universities bring a network of partnerships and innovation ecosystems.

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