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NTT Press Releases The latest and archived news about NTT

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Nov, 1997

Nov 21, 1997
NTT Announces First-Half Results for Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 1998
Nov 17, 1997
NTT Worldwide Network Corporation Applies For Type I International Telecommunications License
Nov 14, 1997
NTT Received a License to Construct Telephone Networks in Northern Hanoi
Nov 10, 1997
NTT Optical Connectors Made International Standards
Nov 6, 1997
NTT Completes Digitization Of Domestic Telecommunications Network
Nov 6, 1997
NTT Worldwide Telecommunications Corporation To Begin Providing Arcstar IP Backbone Service

Oct, 1997

Oct 15, 1997
NTT Establishes PHOENIX Association Jointly with Corporate Group
Oct 9, 1997
Improvements in NTT’s Procurement Procedures
Oct 6, 1997
NTT to Provide Interconnection with Digital Access 1500
Oct 6, 1997
NTT Connects Type Ⅱ Telecommunication Carriers to Toll Switches

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