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Traffic/network design/management

Service/traffic structure analysis and network design technology

The construction of a communications network entails traffic design to calculate the amount of communication equipment required, and network design to determine the network topology and path routes.

(1) In traffic design, we calculate the quantity of communications equipment needed to satisfy the service quality by ascertain the traffic trends, which can be obtained by analyzing the traffic characteristics of diverse services flowing across the network and by analyzing the demand structures of various services in terms of market forces or user behavior

(2) In network design, we design an efficient and economical design that allows data to be transmitted simultaneously to multiple destinations as in IPTV, by regarding fast searching for backup routes in case of a large-scale failure caused by a disaster, and the selection of multicast path routes and topology.

In our group, we are contributing to the research of communication networks with the aim of establishing networks that satisfy both of economy and service quality by analyzing real data, as shown below.


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