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Achievements 2012 Back number

  • 2012/11/08
    IWSEC2012 Best Paper Award
    Awarded for : Boomerang Distinguishers for Full HAS-160 Compression Function
    Honoree : Yu Sasaki
    Awarding Organization : International Workshop on Security (IWSEC)
  • 2012/06/05
    2011 IPSJ Best Paper Award
    Awarded for : A Lightweight Three-party Secure Function Evaluation with Error Detection and Its Experimental Result
    Honoree : Koji CHIDA, Dai IKARASHI, Koki HAMADA, Katsumi TAKAHASHI
    Awarding Organization : IPSJ
  • 2012/05/26
    2011 IEICE Best Paper Award
    Awarded for : On the Full MAC Security of a Double-Piped Mode of Operation
    Honoree : TKan Yasuda
    Awarding Organization : IEICE
  • 2012/04/29
    2012 Medal with Purple Ribbon
    Honoree : Tatsuaki Okamoto
    Awarding Organization : Decoration Bureau, Cabinet Office
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