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The Cryptography Research Laboratory

Leading-edge research on encryption and advanced cryptographic primitives Leading-edge research in cryptography for next-generation cryptographic schemes.

Creating new business pillars based on advances in the theory of cryptographyCreating new business pillars based on advances in the theory of cryptography

With a view to making safe and secure communications possible, The Cryptography Research Laboratory conducts continued research on core security technologies that enable the safe use of networks and services. In particular, we are developing new cryptosystems and studying the foundations of cryptography, security of encryption protocols, and quantum information and communications technologies.
In order to make safe and secure communications a reality, The Cryptography Research Laboratory conducts research into the foundational security technologies that let users feel safe when using networks and services. Our research focuses in particular on the development and security evaluation of novel cryptographic schemes, on the security of cryptographic protocols and on quantum information theory.

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