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Cryptographic Compromise Countermeasures

Encryption is an essential technology for enabling information to be handled securely in Internet communication, which has become widespread around the world.
However, the security of cryptographic algorithms is reduced gradually as computational power increases and cryptanalytic methods become more sophisticated. This is called the compromise of cryptographic algorithms. Compromised cryptographic algorithms are superseded by new, more secure cryptographic algorithms. This alternation of new generations of cryptosystems is repeated over and over.

Providing appropriate measures against the compromise of cryptographic algorithms has become a critical issue in enabling customers to use Internet services safely and securely. NTT Laboratories are engaged in world-class cryptographic research. In addition to expertise and knowledge gained from this effort, NTT is also engaged in establishing cryptographic compromise management methods, including formulating technical countermeasure policies and specific countermeasure measures and developing a variety of countermeasure tools.

Cryptographic Compromise Generation-alternation and Compromise CountermeasuresCryptographic Compromise Generation-alternation and Compromise Countermeasures

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