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Authentication and key exchange

With the development of the Internet and the cloud, interception and falsification of communications, impersonation of communicating parties, and other security threats have come to the fore, emphasizing more than ever the importance of end-to-end security. Also, due to the diversification of services and IT equipment, the operational burden in the management of user passwords and equipment security, for example, has also become an important issue.

Technologies for authentication, key exchange, and other applied areas of encryption are important tools for dealing with these threats and issues. NTT Laboratories leverages the cryptographic algorithms it has developed thus far to develop various technologies needed in providing safe and secure communication services for the future, including authentication methods that reduce the operational and management burden of users and service providers, and key-exchange methods that enable end-to-end security in group chats and other multi-participant communications.

Applied encryption technologies and end-to-end securityApplied encryption technologies and end-to-end security

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