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Secure Architecture Project

R&D on design, deployment, and operation of secure systems

The mission of the Secure Architecture Project is to establish security technologies covering aspects of the design, deployment, and operation for secure industry/ICT infrastructures.
In response to the need for comprehensively predicting and managing risks in all stages of the system life-cycle, we are developing guidelines for system design based on risk analysis, and proposing integrity monitoring technology to ensure security of system components, and technologies for enhancing cyber-attack defense capabilities via integrated management, anomaly detection, and access control of system and network devices from a security perspective.
Also, by leveraging the knowhow gained from the study of these guidelines and technologies, we are presenting opinions and recommendations for formulating laws and regulations in anticipation of the popularization of IoT and AI.

Major research areas

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  • NTT-CERT(Open link in new tab)
  • 2019 Annual Cybersecurity Report(Open link in new tab)
  • NTT Cryptography(Open link in new tab)
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