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Tetsuomi Sogawa

Senior Vice President , Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group

Tetsuomi Sogawa

NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group is engaged in the mission of advancing cutting-edge technologies that will provide seeds for NTT's business in coming 10 years, discovering novel principles and concepts that will entirely revolutionize ICT services in the future, and advancing technologies friendly to the Earth and to people.
The Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group is composed of five laboratories and centers: the Network Innovation Laboratories, responsible for research and development of innovative network systems; Device Innovation Center, in charge of R&D of devices and subsystems that will open paths to next-generation information and communication fields and new ICT business domains; Device Technology Laboratories, focused on R&D of advanced devices and materials that bring about new value by integrating light and electronics; Communication Science Laboratories, responsible for investigating the essence of human communication and researching and developing media and information processing technologies; and Basic Research Laboratories, tasked with the exploration and discovery of new physical properties and principles. Based on the basic technologies of physics and communication, the five laboratories and centers collaborate to conduct R&D of fundamental technologies, and furthermore, to create new communication devices by integrating network and device technologies.
ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is used in all areas of business. Furthermore, the systems and services that make up ICT are evolving at accelerating speed.
The amount of traffic flowing through networks will balloon to about 1,000 times todayfs volume in ten years. The application of IoT (Internet of Things) technology is expected to further increase the amount of traffic. Also, the development of machine learning and other AI technologies is creating various kinds of communication, such as communication between person and person, person and machine, and machine and machine. Information of different quality and kinds flowing through networks will also appear in line with the emergence of different kinds of information. We thus need research of highly flexible and reliable networks to support the explosive rise in both the quality and quantity of traffic. We are also engaged in the challenge of developing new technologies with the purpose of creating rich communication environments for people and communities. These efforts include the development of technologies so diverse communication can be easily and securely realized; as underlying research, elucidation of human communication capabilities to comprehend the essences of human beings and society; development of information systems that use different systems such as quantum optics and quantum electronic-based computers; and research of high-speed and low-energy consumption devices based on the application of nano technology.
So that the advanced technologies developed by the NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group will be relevant and beneficial to everyone, we seek to identify technology trends, contemplate how technological changes will affect business models, and study business models that will contribute to business growth. We wish to contribute to society by creating value and innovations.

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