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  • Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group

    Senior Vice President Tetsuomi Sougawa

    This Laboratory Group holds a global perspective as a center for fundamental research into cutting-edge components, materials, and systems.

    Senior Vice President Tetsuomi Sougawa

  • Network Innovation Laboratories (Yokosuka)

    Director Vice President  Shuuichi Yoshino

    These laboratories carry out research and development of communications technologies to be used in the network systems of the 21st century, such as high-capacity and high-speed networks, next-generation wireless systems, and photonic networks.

    Vice President Shuuichi Yoshino

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  • Device Innovation Center (Atsugi)

    Director Vice President Masahito Tomizawa

    The center undertakes the research and development of devices, modules and sub-systems that will pave the way to new ICT opportunities as well as to the next-generation network.

    Vice President Masahito Tomizawa

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  • Device Technology Laboratories (Atsugi)

    Director Vice President  Akira Okada

    The laboratories conduct the research and development of novel cutting-edge technologies and materials that will create value for people, business and society by combining photonics and electronics.

    Vice President Akira Okada

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  • Communication Science Laboratories (Atsugi ,Keihanna)

    Director Vice President  Takeshi Yamada

    These laboratories aim to create the novel concepts of knowledge and information communication needed for making the human-friendly humanoid computer a reality, such as information processing and media processing related to human knowledge and emotions.

    Vice President Takeshi Yamada

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  • Basic Research Laboratories(Atsugi)

    Director Vice President  HidekiGotou

    These laboratories aim to create new substances and explore new principles to bring about innovative information communications in the field of physical properties, such as quantum semiconductors, quantum optics, and ultra-micro-structure properties.

    Vice President HidekiGotou

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